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Breaking Down Phishing Site TLDs and Certificate Abuse in Q1

In Q1, nearly all detected phishing sites used either a Legacy gTLD (54.7%) or ccTLD (41.5%). New gTLDs were seen substantially less, identified in only 3.9% of attacks. 

62% of Phishing Sites Abuse Free Tools or Services

In Q1, PhishLabs analyzed hundreds of thousands of phishing attacks and found more than 62% abused legitimate no-cost tools or services. 

Credential Theft, O365 Lures Dominate Corporate Inboxes in Q1

In Q1, PhishLabs analyzed and mitigated hundreds of thousands of phishing attacks that targeted corporate users. In this post, we break down these attacks and shed light on the phishing emails that are making it into corporate inboxes.

47% Phishing Increase in Q1

Phishing is on the rise. PhishLabs identified 47% more phishing sites in Q1 of 2021 than there were in Q1 of 2020. This trend is continuing as Q2 attacks are also up significantly year-over-year.

Q1 2021 Threat Trends & Intelligence Report

Phishing attacks in Q1 have increased 47% compared to last year, according to PhishLabs newly released Q1 2021 Threat Trends & Intelligence Report.