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Social Media Attacks Targeting Banks See Greatest Increase Since 2021

PhishLabs analyzes hundreds of thousands of social media attacks every quarter to identify the top threats targeting enterprises, their brands, and their employees. In this post, we take a look at the top confirmed threats detected on social media and industries most prone to attack.

Social Media Attacks Targeting Banks and Retail Climb in Q1

Social media attacks targeting businesses have jumped 12.2% in Q1 from the previous quarter, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. Attacks on social channels are also trending higher than Q1 2022, with the average business experiencing more than 81 attacks per month.

Impersonation Represents the Top Social Media Threat in Q4

Social media attacks targeting organizations closed out 2022 nearly 19% higher than Q4 of 2021, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. Social platforms continue to act as a hotbed for malicious activity, leaving organizations of all sizes vulnerable to brand and executive abuse.

Social Media Mitigation Best Practices for All Financial Institutions

The financial industry continues to experience the largest volume of abuse among all industries on social media.

Top Social Media Threats Targeting the Retail Industry

In this post, we take a look at impersonation and counterfeit ad campaigns targeting retail on social media.