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APWG Q3 Report:Four Out of Five Criminals Prefer HTTPS

Highlights from the report include more than two hundred thousand unique phishing websites detected in August and September, SSL encryption for phishing sites overtaking SSL deployment for general websites, and a 10 percent increase in BEC attacks originating from free webmail accounts.

Abuse of HTTPS on Nearly Three-Fourths of all Phishing Sites

Threat actors hit a new milestone in their abuse of HTTPS or SSL Certs: Nearly 3/4 of all phishing sites now use it.

APWG Year-End Report: 2019 A Roller Coaster Ride for Phishing

APWG's Q4 report shows ups and downs for 2019 phishing attacks, with SSL sites, web email, social media and BEC as the top trends.

APWG: Two-Thirds of all Phishing Sites Used SSL protection in Q3

APWG's Q3 report shows phishing increasing, 68% of phishing sites use HTTPS.

APWG: Phishing Continues to Rise, Threat Actors Love Gift Cards

APWG's Q2 report shows phishing increasing, SaaS industry prime target, and threat actors are after gift cards.

More Than Half of Phishing Sites Now Use HTTPS

Threat actors are officially using sites with HTTPS or an SSL cert more times than they don't.

49 Percent of Phishing Sites Now Use HTTPS

A single word can have far more meaning than intended, and in the case of Secure appearing on Google's Chrome browser, it may be misleading users.