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Phishing Campaign Uses Malicious Office 365 App

New phishing technique discovered that abuses Microsoft Office 365's add-in feature. Threat actor then gains full control of everything, including files.

Evasion Techniques: User-Agent Blocking

As Phishing attacks get more sophisticated on the social engineering front, so to does the technology and techniques behind keeping them online longer.

How Threat Actors are Abusing Coronavirus Uncertainty

As the coronavirus becomes a global pandemic, threat actors have begun abusing the fear surrounding it. One lure we have spotted even mimics the CDC.

Unique Countermeasures in Active Phishing Campaign Avoids Security Tools

This active campaign combines a variety of techniques with a non-text-based email body in order to evade email security technologies.

Active Office 365 Credential Theft Phishing Campaign Targeting Admin Credentials

An ongoing phishing campaign has been observed targeting the administrative accounts that manage Microsoft Office 365. Here's what you need to know.

New Spear Phishing Campaign Impersonates VCs and PE Firms

The new spear phishing campaign is targeting Office 365 credentials of high-value targets.

The Vast Social Media Landscape for Phishing Threats

Threat actors can and will abuse the largest social media sites; but what about blogs, forums, and even gripe sites? Those too can be phishing risks.

BEC Attacks: How CEOs and Executives are Put at Risk

When it comes to impersonating employees for phishing attacks, CEOs and executives are most at risk.

PhishLabs Enhances Email Incident Response Solution

Today we are releasing an enhancement to the Email Incident Response Service. The upgrade will include the addition of SOAR and overall enhancements.