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DRP Solutions Market Guide

In this piece, we use insights from the Frost Radar Report to discuss why DRP platforms are becoming a priority for businesses and best practices to implementing a DRP strategy that all organizations can apply.

Easy to Deceive, Difficult to Detect, Impersonation Dominates Attacks

Impersonation is a highly effective tactic for threat actors because it piggybacks on the credibility of a brand to legitimize a malicious objective. As a result, it is one of the most common components of a cyber attack.

Top 7 Use Cases for Digital Risk Protection

Digital evolution is leaving enterprises increasingly susceptible to attacks outside the network perimeter.In order to detect and respond to today's most relevant threats, security teams are investing in operational Digital Risk Protection (DRP) capabilities.

Ransomware Groups Break Promises, Leak Data Anyway

Data stolen in ransomware attacks is frequentlybecoming public even after the victim has paid.

What is Digital Risk Protection?

Today's enterprise attack surface is not limited to the corporate network. In fact, the network is just a small slice. When it comes to deciding how and where to attack an enterprise, threat actors have ample opportunity beyond the network perimeter. As a result, enterprises are investing in operational capabilities to detect and respond to external threats across the digital risk landscape. This is Digital Risk Protection (DRP).

Digital Risk Protection vs. Threat Intelligence

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) continues to gain momentum and attention among CISOs and security professionals. DRP, an operational security function once classified under Threat Intelligence (TI), has been elevated by the Gartner Hype Cycle and other analyst research as an emerging security function that security teams rely on to address multiple external cyber threat use cases.

Gartner Releases Emerging Tech Report: Critical Insights into Digital Risk Protection

Demand for Digital Risk Protection has grown due to the need for better visibility and remediation of threats targeting enterprises' digital assets.

Gartner Releases 2020 Hype Cycle for Security Operations

Digital Risk Protection has emerged as a critical new capability for security teams according to Gartner.