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Ransomware Attacks: Why Email Is Still THE Most Common Delivery Method

In this blog, we take a look at why phishing is the top delivery method of ransomware attacks and what your organization can do to defend your data and your brand.

How to Gain Stakeholder Support for Email Security Investment

Investing in email protection beyond basic anti-spam is vital to protecting an organization. Persuading leadership and stakeholders of this can be complicated. We take a look at ways to obtain comprehensive email security buy-in.

What Is an Enterprise’s Secondary Line of Defense Against Phishing Emails?

Following a multi-layered approach to phishing defense is a good idea, but using what you have close to home is best when it comes to a sensible security posture. In practice, a robust security awareness training program is key to instruct employees on what to look for when trying to spot phishing emails that may have landed in their inboxes.

DKIM vs. SPF Email Standards: Do I Need Them Both?

When it comes to email authentication standards, should you use DKIM, SPF, or both? We’re going to cover these terms, when you should use them, what they do—and how best to protect your email domains.

What Is an Enterprise’s Primary Line of Defense Against Phishing Emails?

Managing email security is becoming untenable because too many threats are getting into inboxes. Fortra is your first defense against phishing emails.