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Near Real-Time Threat Intelligence to Protect Your Organization

Organizations have committed significant technical resources to the protection of the enterprise network from attacks. However, these resources alone do not adequately protect an organization from the very latest threats. T2 Threat Intelligence from PhishLabs delivers automated feeds of expert-validated threat information sourced from targeted attacks across our client base and R.A.I.D. investigations. This intelligence elevates the protection delivered by your security technologies and to empower your security team with more robust attack context.

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Strengthen Cyber Defenses

Leverage near real-time threat intelligence about target-specific attack URLs and IP addresses to enhance protection by blocking user access to attack sites and by adding context to security analytics to improve overall attack detection and prevent compromise.

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Improve Prevention of Targeted Attacks

Full compatibility with standards for automated threat intelligence sharing, such as STIX/TAXII, allows the intel to be readily applied to email, network, and security analytics technologies for enhanced threat context and prevention.

Transform Employees Into Security MVPs

Research Analysis Intelligence

Stay Focused on the Highest Risk Threats

Alerts from security technologies lack the context needed to quickly and accurately assess threats. With T2 Threat Intelligence, security teams are empowered with human-validated threat context that prioritizes attacks and keeps the focus on mitigating those that threats pose the most risk.

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Drive More Effective Threat Detection and Response

The T2 Threat Intelligence feed contains information on attacks detected and confirmed by proprietary purpose-built technology and expert human analysis – not error-prone machine made decisions producing false-positives. Our experts analyze, break-down, and confirm the malware, producing accurate, high-quality intel – URLs and IP addresses of attack pages, drop sites, and command & control servers that have been detected and confirmed by PhishLabs.

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