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Disrupt Spear Phishing Attacks Before Compromise

By targeting employees with well-crafted spear phishing attacks, advanced threat actors evade multiple layers of cyber defenses and establish a foothold in organizations. To prevent data breaches, enterprises must rapidly and effectively respond to spear phishing attacks targeting their employees. T2 Analysis and Mitigation is a 24/7/365 service that provides expert analysis and rapid mitigation of targeted phishing attacks, ensuring that targeted attacks are countered before the compromise of intellectual property, critical systems, and other information assets.

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Fight Back Against Spear Phishing

Disrupt the attack process earlier in the kill chain and bring targeted attacks to a halt with 24/7/365 expert coverage, preventing the compromise of targeted systems and data.

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Accelerate Detection and Threat Confirmation

Eliminate false positives while isolating real threats that require response. Suspicious emails, URLs, and attached files go through an initial review and triage to determine if suspicious content is malicious or benign.

Transform Employees Into Security MVPs

Research Analysis Intelligence

Speed Up Incident Response With Actionable Intelligence

Drive fast and effective attack mitigation for your organization with the aid of PhishLabs’ Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division (R.A.I.D.). Malicious or unknown content undergoes deep analysis using proprietary threat analysis technology to confirm and rapidly dissect spear phishing attacks, extract threat indicators, and establish meaningful threat context that drives fast and effective attack mitigation.

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Aggressively Disrupt Attack Components

Aggressively seek out and mitigate the external components of an attack, including malicious sites, links, command and control systems, and other attack tools. This disrupts attack operations while garnering high-value intelligence that enhances the effectiveness of enterprise security tools and operations.

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Utilize Your Employee Defense Network

T2 Analysis and Mitigation is seamlessly integrated with T2 Employee Defense Training so that when employees report suspicious emails they are quickly triaged and analyzed by our SOC. Our experts extract indicators of compromise, establish the threat context, and take action to mitigate threats. This powerful combination of services provides optimum threat detection and ensures threats delivered via spear phishing are mitigated before damage is done.

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Let’s fight back against phishing and prevent the exploitation of people – together.

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