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A Better Way to Stop Spear Phishing Attacks

PhishLabs T2 Spear Phishing Protection services deliver a powerful combination of 24/7 expert analysis, aggressive attack mitigation, high-impact training, and impactful threat intelligence that counters the attacks targeting your most exploitable vulnerability – people.

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Turn Employees Into a Powerful Layer of Defense

Spear phishing is the most prevalent and successful tactic used in advanced targeted attacks. In fact, ninety-one percent of targeted attacks use spear phishing. To counter this, employees need phishing awareness training that conditions them to recognize and report the phishing attacks that reach their inboxes.

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Disrupt Spear Phishing Attacks Before Compromise

With T2 Analysis & Mitigation, robust threat analysis and context is delivered to your security operations and incident response staff via our on-demand client portal, driving rapid and effective removal of the threat internally. At the same time, PhishLabs experts aggressively seek out and mitigate external components of the attack to disrupt the threat. This includes malicious sites, links, command & controls systems, and other attack tools.

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Stop Advanced Threats Earlier in the Attack Process

T2 Threat Intelligence from PhishLabs contains high-fidelity threat indicator data sourced from real-world targeted attacks. It is delivered via automated feeds and can be readily integrated into network, email, and web security technologies to strengthen these defenses and dramatically enhance their ability to proactively prevent targeted attacks.

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Let’s fight back against phishing and prevent the exploitation of people – together.

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