Suspicious Email Analysis

Protect against threats that reach user inboxes

Detect, Analyze, and Mitigate Advanced Email Threats

Enterprises struggle to stop email threats from routinely reaching user inboxes, leading to Business Email Compromise (BEC) and ransomware attacks. While users become more adept at identifying suspicious emails and enterprises invest in increasingly sophisticated email security stacks, threat actors continue to deploy emails designed to trick employees. Security teams with limited expertise, time, and budget have difficulty stopping every threat, placing enterprises at risk.

PhishLabs helps enterprises efficiently detect, analyze, and mitigate advanced email threats to disrupt attacks before negative impact.

Crowdsource Intel from Millions of Users

Modern email threats use social engineering techniques that even advanced email security filters fail to detect. To complicate matters, security analysts struggle to manage the high volume of suspicious emails reported, which leads to malicious emails landing in employee inboxes.

PhishLabs helps enterprises efficiently source and analyze intelligence from suspicious emails reported by users. We gather threat intelligence from user inboxes across multiple enterprises, as well as proactively monitor for look-alike domain registrations created with the intent to slip past email security stacks and prey on users.

Separate Real Threats from the Noise

A vast majority of suspicious emails reported by users are either non-malicious spam or related to other non-issues, hindering the separation of real threats from noise. Because of this, many potential email threats need expert analysis to be accurately dispositioned, resulting in significant alert fatigue for busy security teams.

Through a combination of automation and expert analysis, PhishLabs efficiently processes user-reported emails without burdening security teams. Automation expedites the review of massive quantities of reported emails, and human analysts provide the valuable context necessary to ensure accurate classification of email threats.

Mitigate Threats Across the Entire Organization

Hunting and removing known threats across user inboxes requires multiple, time-consuming steps. Without proper tools, analysts must use manual intervention, which is inefficient and challenging to scale, when time is of the essence while combatting BEC and ransomware threats.

PhishLabs mitigates email attacks by identifying and suspending look-alike domains designed to target your employees before emails are sent, as well as referencing threat indicators to block emails from registered look-alike domains. To stop multi-pronged attacks, PhishLabs’ MSOAR for Microsoft 365 automatically finds and removes threats attacking multiple inboxes, ensuring a fast and efficient response.

Protect Against Costly Inbox Attacks

Cybercriminals threaten enterprise security by using advanced social engineering techniques to target user inboxes. Security teams must be able to quickly distinguish real threats from a large volume of suspicious activity, yet are often ill-equipped to effectively identify and mitigate attacks due to time-consuming and inefficient manual processes.

PhishLabs’ Suspicious Email Analysis delivers expert detection of email threats that bypass traditional security filters. Through the essential combination of automation and expert analysis, PhishLabs proactively disrupts costly attacks while strengthening your security architecture to defend against future threats.

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