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[gva_block_heading title=”Spoofing and Impersonation” align=”align-left” style_text=”text-light” desc=”Impersonating trusted brands is an easy way for threat actors to lend credibility to phishing and social engineering campaigns. Through a variety of tactics, including the creation of fake websites and social media accounts, threat actors abuse the trust and goodwill built up around your brand to trick your customers into revealing personal information, downloading malware, and even purchasing counterfeit goods and services.” el_class=”margin-bottom-0″]
[gva_block_heading title=”Fewer Headlines, More Long-Term Damage” align=”align-left” desc=”While less obvious than targeted cyber attacks, malicious spoofing and impersonation of your brand can have substantial business consequences. When a threat actor masquerades as your brand to trick customers into taking an undesirable course of action — most commonly, to give up their login credentials, or propagate a malware campaign — they inevitably cause damage to your hard earned reputation. Over time spoofing and impersonation campaigns can erode trust in your brand, and dissuade customers from using your products and services.”]
[gva_block_heading title=”How Social Media Activity Damages Brands” desc=”PhishLabs experts have monitored social media activity for more than a decade. Our service has three primary components:”]
[gva_image_content title=”Phishing Sites” background=”2555″ style=”style-2″]Malicious websites, typically used in conjunction with phishing campaigns, designed to trick victims into revealing login credentials or other personal information. These sites almost always impersonate legitimate websites.[/gva_image_content][gva_image_content title=”Fake Social Accounts” background=”2555″ style=”style-2″]Impersonating brands on social media can benefit threat actors. Fake accounts are used to share malicious links, sell counterfeit goods or services, and damage the reputation of targeted organizations.[/gva_image_content]
[gva_image_content title=”Copycat Domains” background=”2556″ style=”style-2″]Registering domains that are similar to those owned by popular brands is an easy way for threat actors to add credibility to phishing and social engineering campaigns. Registering common typos of popular domains is also a common tactic.[/gva_image_content][gva_image_content title=”Traffic Diversion” background=”2556″ style=”style-2″]Through a variety of techniques, including PPC advertising and SEO manipulation, threat actors and even competitors steal traffic from legitimate websites and divert it to their own malicious domains.[/gva_image_content]
[gva_image_content title=”Fake Mobile Apps” background=”2557″ style=”style-2″]A common way for malware producers to spread their wares is by disguising them as legitimate apps. In order to maximize the effectiveness, new malware variants are often disguised as popular apps such as the latest games, social media, or banking apps.[/gva_image_content]
[gva_block_heading title=”Stay Ahead of Social Media Threats” style=”style-2″]
[gva_icon_box title=”Expert Verified” icon=”fa fa-check-square-o” description=”Every alert is verified by an expert analyst, providing full threat context with no false positives.” icon_position=”left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_color=”text-black”]
[gva_icon_box title=”Comprehensive Visibility” icon=”fa fa-eye” description=”See a comprehensive picture of your executives’ online footprint, updated daily.” icon_position=”left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_color=”text-black”]
[gva_icon_box title=”24/7 Coverage” icon=”fa fa-clock-o” description=”24/7/365 coverage by digital risk experts.” icon_position=”left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_color=”text-black”]
[gva_icon_box title=”Expanded Intelligence” icon=”fa fa-globe” description=”Intelligence collected from a huge range of sources across the open, deep, and dark web.” icon_position=”left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_color=”text-black”]
[gva_icon_box title=”Full Coverage” icon=”fa fa-users” description=”Covers executives and their immediate family members.” icon_position=”left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_color=”text-black”]
[gva_icon_box title=”Reporting” icon=”fa fa-file-text-o” description=”Daily reports and threat alerts.” icon_position=”left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_color=”text-black”]
[gva_block_heading title=”Digital Risk Protection” style=”style-2″ align=”align-left” subtitle=”End-to-End Protection”]
[gva_icon_box title=”Prioritize and Focus on Risks That Matter the Most” icon=”gv-icon-41″ description=”Our Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division monitor global email, domain, social media, mobile, dark, deep, and open web activity on your behalf. We also gather data from our extensive network of partners.” icon_position=”top-left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_radius=”radius-5x” icon_background=”#e2e8eb” icon_color=”#2f6dd4″]
[gva_icon_box title=”Remediate Risks Sooner Without the Burden” icon=”gv-icon-7″ description=”When malicious content is reported or identified, our team takes the necessary steps to get the threat offline. WIth more than 15 years of experience, we’ve developed industry relationships that lead to rapid takedowns.” icon_position=”top-left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_radius=”radius-5x” icon_background=”#e2e8eb” icon_color=”#2f6dd4″]
[gva_icon_box title=”Detection of Enterprise, Brand, and Customer Risks” icon=”gv-icon-55″ description=”We provide comprehensive visibility into the digital risks that exist outside the network perimeter. Driven by business needs, the enterprise digital footprint is ever-expanding.” icon_position=”top-left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_radius=”radius-5x” icon_background=”#e2e8eb” icon_color=”#2f6dd4″]
[gva_icon_box title=”Make Better-Informed Decisions to Manage Risk” icon=”gv-icon-108″ description=”As your trusted partner, we offer more than a set of tools, but also expert analysts and the resources needed to properly detect, assess, and mitigate digital risk.” icon_position=”top-left” link=”#” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_radius=”radius-5x” ico
n_background=”#e2e8eb” icon_color=”#2f6dd4″]
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