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Protect customer trust and service availability.

PhishLabs fights back against cyber threats targeting online services.

Online marketplace, portal and social networking companies have changed how the world interacts and does business. They have used the Internet to make tasks easier, build online communities and vastly expand access to information. However, online services are often targets of cybercrime. Internet businesses depend on the trust of their customers and users. Cybercriminals exploit this trust, targeting the customers of online services with phishing and malware in order to steal their sensitive information and compromise their PCs.

Additionally, online services are often targeted by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that disrupt performance and render sites inaccessible. For businesses that depend on the continuous availability of their online services, DDoS attacks are a serious threat to revenue and customer satisfaction.

PhishLabs fights back against phishing and malware attacks that use your brand to exploit your users’ trust. We monitor global spam and malware activity 24/7/365 for attacks abusing your brand. When an attack is detected, we quickly take action to shut down the threat.

But we don’t stop there. We investigate and disable the underlying ecosystem of tools used to plan, orchestrate, launch and monetize the attack.

This unique approach inflicts real pain on cybercriminals, preventing future attacks that target your customers or abuse your brand.

PhishLabs also provides in-depth intelligence on DDoS botnets and their attacks. This intelligence delivers the information you need to proactively prepare for, rapidly assess and mitigate DDoS attacks so that online sites remain available with no performance degradation.

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PhishLabs is the Leading Provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Solutions.

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