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Reduce online fraud and protect against DDoS attacks.

PhishLab fights back against cyber threats targeting e-commerce.

More than half of consumers prefer to shop online instead of in-store thanks to the convenience and ease of e-commerce. However, the benefits of online shopping come with risk. In 2012, online fraud cost e-commerce businesses and retailers $3.5 billion. E-commerce customers are under constant threat from phishing and crimeware attacks designed to take over their accounts and carry out fraudulent transactions.

Online retailers have also been the targets of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks capable of impacting the performance of – and even shutting down – their e-commerce sites. Nearly 70% of retailers surveyed reported losses of more than $100,000 an hour during outages caused by DDoS attacks.

PhishLabs provides a full portfolio of cybercrime protection and intelligence services that reduce the risk posed by phishing, crimeware, rogue mobile applications, DDoS and other online threats. We fight back against the cybercriminals that target your customers, shutting down attacks and proactively disabling the ecosystem of tools and systems they depend on. Our unique approach deters cybercriminals, preventing future attacks against you and your customers.

We help e-commerce businesses protect customer confidence in the integrity of their online and mobile business channels. In addition, we provide the real-time intelligence on DDoS threats needed to avoid performance issues and site disruption. By partnering with PhishLabs, online retailers and e-commerce businesses minimize losses due to online fraud and avoid disruptions to the customer experience.

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PhishLabs is the Leading Provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Solutions.

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