Small hospitals are big targets for hackers worldwide | Article

From WFFA News 8 ABC

There have been 92 million medical data breaches this year in the U.S., according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.

WFAA InterviewSitting in front of a bank of computer monitors in Addison, John Turner looks at a map of the world. On the screens are hundreds of red flags spread all over the globe, each representing a computer aimed at one of the hospital computer systems he’s tasked with protecting from hackers

Hospitals are a treasure trove of valuable data. Patient information — including Social Security numbers, addresses, email address, and credit card numbers — is gold on the international black market. All a hacker has to do is pierce the hospital’s firewall and scoop up the goodies.[themeone_quote color=”accent-color1″]”Medical records contain all the information necessary to take over someone’s identity,”

                                                                                         – Don Jackson Director of Threat Intelligence at PhishLabs