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Social Media Monitoring

Detect threats targeting your brands, physical locations, senior executives, or employees 

Cybercriminals leverage a wide variety of online platforms to gather intelligence, propagate scams, distribute stolen information, and carry out other nefarious acts. Continuous and comprehensive monitoring of online forums and social platforms is critical for protecting the enterprise, executives, and employees. PhishLabs’ social media monitoring covers open source and deep web threats that could result in financial loss, jeopardize physical safety of the enterprise or employees, or negatively impact the brand.

The PhishLabs’ social monitoring platform searches broadly and deeply to deliver more accurate and more actionable results.

With Social Media Monitoring, you can

Identify and Takedown Threats on Social Media

Detect Malicious Activity in Closed Forums

Monitor Digital Risks to Senior Executives

Social media monitoring offers visibility into activities that compromise brand integrity or lead to financial loss, such as:

  • Cyber, physical, reputation and executive threats on social media
  • Counterfeit or fraudulent activity
  • Leaked confidential information, documents, reports, or products
  • Negative or misleading discussions by disgruntled employees
  • Threatening, offensive information, and discussions
  • Inappropriate discussion of confidential information/reports/products
  • Threat actors and hacker groups targeting the brand
  • Impersonations of brand or fake accounts on social sites

PhishLabs is the Leading Provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Solutions.

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