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The PhishLabs Cybercrime Intelligence ThreatCloud Feed

Enhance protection with high-fidelity, expert-verified threat intelligence.

PhishLabs provides real-time feeds of high-fidelity, expert-verified threat intelligence data including malicious URLs, domains, and IP addresses used to carry out cybercrime attacks. Via the ThreatCloud IntelliStore, Check Point customers can automatically integrate this intelligence into their security appliances to provide enhanced protection against phishing attacks, malware, and online scams.

Every day, PhishLabs collects and analyzes global email, URL, domain name, and cybercrime data from a broad range of proprietary sources, service providers, security partners, spam pots, and client reports. Using a combination of automated and manual methods, we detect attacker infrastructure and analyze them to confirm the threat and categorize the attack (e.g. phishing, malware, spam, 419 scams, etc.). Our analysis yields a true positive rate of 99.5%, allowing Check Point customers to block attacks with little risk of impacting legitimate traffic.

The PhishLabs Cybercrime Intelligence Feed consists of sites used for phishing, malware, exploits, 419 scams, job scams, spam, and other malicious purposes. Use this feed to proactively protect users from cybercrime attacks and block malicious traffic with minimal risk of disruption.

Feed features include:

  • Continuously updated malicious website URLs and domains
  • Automated and manual attack site verification
  • 99.5% true positive rate
  • Seamless integration via the ThreatCloud IntelliStore

To learn more about the PhishLabs Cybercrime Intelligence Feed for Check Point appliances, contact your CheckPoint partner or visit www.checkpoint.com/products/threatcloud/

PhishLabs is the Leading Provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Solutions.

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