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Brand Abuse Lure Protection

Stop malicious spam lures that damage your brand and reputation.

Cybercriminals commonly abuse trusted brands in spam emails to trick recipients into clicking malicious links, opening malicious attachments, or responding to email addresses used for cybercrime. These brand abuse email lures exploit trust in your brands to distribute malware, build botnets, or carry out 419 scams.

Brand abuse email lure attacks tarnish your reputation, diminishing your brand and reducing the effectiveness of your legitimate online communications and marketing efforts. Brand abuse email lure campaigns can also place significant stress on customer support operations due to spikes in call center traffic and customer complaints.

With Brand Abuse Lure Protection, you can

Detect malicious emails abusing your brand.

Protect your email reputation.

Avoid brand damage.

PhishLabs fights back against the cybercriminals that use your brand in malicious spam lures. We detect, analyze and proactively disable the systems and illicit services used to launch brand abuse lure spam campaigns. Our approach disrupts the cybercrime ecosystem, impeding profits and requiring cybercriminals to rebuild before launching new lure attacks.

When a malicious spam lure campaign is detected abusing your brand, PhishLabs quickly confirms the abuse, analyzes the attack, and takes aggressive action to mitigate the threat. But we do not stop there. We dive far beneath the surface of the attack to disrupt the cybercrime ecosystem that is used to plan, stage, launch and monetize brand abuse lure attacks.

Service Features Include:

  • 24/7/365 lure attack detection and mitigation
  • Expert identification and analysis of all malicious links in the attack, including redirects and the final destination URL
  • Rapid mitigation of all lure attack components
  • Spam source identification and take down
  • Malicious URL broadcasting
  • Fixed fee, unmetered service pricing

Let’s fight back against phishing and prevent the exploitation of people – together.

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