Services Overview

Today’s enterprises do everything online, across all sorts of digital platforms such as social media, email, mobile apps, and SMS. However, all of this digital exposure comes at a cost. After all, you don’t own these platforms. So, when your brands, customers, and employees are targeted on these platforms, it becomes abundantly clear that your security team doesn’t have the power to stop it.

Only PhishLabs offers the end-to-end protection that modern enterprise organizations need. With PhishLabs, you can protect what you can’t control.

Why Choose Us?

More Than a Managed Service
PhishLabs becomes your partner in fighting cyber crime. We go beyond the call and proactively protect your enterprise, brands, and customers.
Not Just A Tool
Tools and technology are important, but they also add burdens to your team. We tackle both on your behalf.
End-To-End Protection
Beyond your network, PhishLabs enables your team to protect what previously couldn't be controlled.
World's Leading Mitigation Provider
We provide more takedowns than any other security leader.

Digital Risk Protection

PhishLabs partners with organizations to address evolving threats across various digital channels, delivering expert curated intelligence and effective threat mitigation inside and outside of your network. Our Digital Risk Protection solution delivers enables comprehensive visibility across a breadth of online sources, curated intelligence to reduce noise and find the threats that matter, and streamlined mitigation, ultimately alleviating your team’s operational burden.

Prioritize and Focus on Risks That Matter the Most
Our Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division monitor global email, domain, social media, mobile, dark, deep, and open web activity on your behalf. We also gather data from our extensive network of partners.
Remediate Risks Sooner Without the Burden
When malicious content is reported or identified, our team takes the necessary steps to get the threat offline. WIth more than 15 years of experience, we've developed industry relationships that lead to rapid takedowns.
Detection of Enterprise, Brand, and Customer Risks
We provide comprehensive visibility into the digital risks that exist outside the network perimeter. Driven by business needs, the enterprise digital footprint is ever-expanding.
Make Better-Informed Decisions to Manage Risk
As your trusted partner, we offer more than a set of tools, but also expert analysts and the resources needed to properly detect, assess, and mitigate digital risk.

Phishing Incident Response

Phishing Incident Response is a managed service that provides near real-time monitoring, expert analysis, and automated response to user-reported emails. By partnering with our three 24/7 Security Operations Centers, enterprise security teams can rapidly detect and respond to the email-based threats that reach the inboxes of end users.

Stop Threats Missed by Security Technologies
We help enterprises detect and stop the phishing attacks that go undetected by email and network security technologies. Suspicious emails reported by users are monitored in near real-time, providing full visibility into the threats that make it into their inboxes.
Around -the-Clock Threat Monitoring
With Phishing Incident Response, reported emails are rapidly analyzed regardless of the time they are reported. With expert review and threat severity categorization, only threats that need to be addressed are brought to your team’s attention.
Taking Down Malicious Content
When you partner with PhishLabs, our SOC teams will analyze malicious or unauthorized content when it is reported or detected, and if necessary, move quickly to take the threat offline.
Respond to Attacks With Complete Threat Context
PhishLabs’ team of experts review and analyze digital risks on your behalf, allowing your team to prioritize and focus on risks that matter the most.

Security Awareness Training

PhishLabs Security Awareness Training features a short, focused, and frequent training approach that continuously sharpens the key skills that users need to recognize and report digital risks and phishing attacks. Our methodology uses best practices born from years of experience training users across many different organizations. Our experts’ craft and execute a custom program that applies these practices to constantly drive down risk.

Short, Focused, and Frequent
Users progress through integrated monthly campaigns that focus on a specific topic. These feature microlearnings, phishing simulations, point-of-failure videos, and edugraphics.
Microlearning Modules
PhishLabs uses brief training module to convey information in an easy to understand and engaging format. This results in users retaining information and a change in their behavior.
Expert Delivered
Each month our experts provide a fully managed security awareness training curriculum that combines insight into both real-world digital risks and phishing attacks.
Higher Levels of Awareness
Once or twice a year isn't an effective schedule for training. Our brief microlearning modules take less time, and result in more aware users and an increase to suspicious content.