Ransomware Protection

Reduce ransomware risk and detect data leaks

Ransomware Risk Has Never Been Greater

Ransomware gangs are strategically targeting enterprises, disabling critical systems, and demanding record ransom amounts. They are also stealing confidential data and threatening to leak company secrets unless victims pay up.

With PhishLabs, enterprises can disrupt these attacks before they start and proactively monitor for ransomware data leaks.

Stop Ransomware Attacks Before They Start

Ransomware gangs often rely on loaders and banking Trojans to deploy ransomware in enterprise networks. Email is one of the primary ways these initial payloads are delivered.

With PhishLabs, enterprises can detect and mitigate payloads that make it through email security stacks. PhishLabs has unique intelligence on threats that reach enterprise inboxes, crowd-sourced from millions of enterprise users. This intelligence is used to automatically find and remove malicious emails across the enterprise, disrupting the delivery of payloads that lead to ransomware being deployed in the network.

In targeted ransomware attacks, threat actors may register look-alike domains to use in spear phishing emails or to host malicious payloads. Using PhishLabs to detect and mitigate look-alike domain registrations can proactively disrupt these attacks.

Ransomware Playbook: Defense in Depth Strategies to Minimize Impact

This playbook breaks down how to identify and mitigate attacks before they occur, maintain broad visibility into data leaks and threat actor activity, and prepare a plan of action in the event data is further compromised. By following this playbook, security professionals can minimize the impact of ransomware attacks to their organizations.

Monitor for Ransomware Data Leaks

Data compromised by ransomware gangs is likely to be leaked or sold regardless of whether the ransom is paid. Knowing if stolen data has been leaked, where it is published, and the extent of the disclosure is essential to responding effectively.

PhishLabs provides comprehensive intelligence collection across surface web, deep web, dark web, and social media. Using advanced algorithms and expert threat assessment, we monitor for ransomware data leaks and provide valuable insight into where, when, and how stolen data is released. With PhishLabs, enterprises have the visibility and intelligence needed to effectively respond should they fall victim to a ransomware attack.

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