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Mobius was created by professionnal coders and passionate people.

We made all the best only for you, to enjoy great features and design quality. Mobius was build in order to reach a pixel perfect layout.

Mobius includes exclusive features such as the Themeone Slider, Themeone Shorcode Generator and Mobius Grid Generator.

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Technology comes in many forms, price points, and unique offerings, and for each item, no single opinion can do it justice. While Pugloaf prides itself on offering an objective and experienced opinion, we have created a unified reviewing system for consistency. What this means is that we review technology and products on a 100 point system, broken down by five core parts in each review, with sub-elements going into each of those core parts. By having a consistent reviewing system it allows you as a reader to know how we work through reviews, picking it apart bit by bit.
Though we pride ourselves on the amount of detail and time spent with each gadget or product we review, we understand that not everyone will always feel the same. Because of this we launched the gadget aggregate, a simple review system that compiles other trusted sources, and categorizes them as either a positive or negative. In the future we plan to make the Pugloaf Review System more accessible so that other sites can adopt them, and in turn feed into a more accurate aggregate review score. If interested in the system or if you have questions, contact us.

Reviews Based on Tech Category

The following further detail our review system for each category of technology. We are constantly adding more, so check back here for additional details. Each review includes a report card that feeds into the final published piece, and if interest, you can reach out to the editor for access to it. The following are Google Sheets with basic notes on the reviewing systems. If you would like to suggest a change or addition, either leave a comment on the box or reach out. We would absolutely love your input.

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