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Expert Analysis and Automated Response to User-Reported Threats

Phishing Incident Response is a managed service that provides near real-time monitoring, expert analysis, and automated responses to user-reported emails. By partnering with our three 24/7 security operations centers, enterprise security teams can rapidly detect and respond to email-based threats that security systems miss.

Stop Threats Missed by Security Technology

Phishing Incident Response detects the phishing attacks that slip through email security systems. Suspicious emails reported by your users are monitored in near real-time, which are then analyzed and result in full visibility into the threats that make it into employee inboxes. Once analyzed, the user who reported the suspicious content will receive feedback and from there decide whether or not to interact with the email.

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Respond to Threats Faster

PhishLabs’ Phishing Incident Response service ensures that email-based threats targeting your employees are identified and stopped as quickly as possible. Messages reported by end users are analyzed in near real-time by a combination of automated technology and security experts. Based on the analysis, end users receive automated feedback so that they know whether or not to engage with the message. When analysis reveals a threat, an alert is sent to the security team via email and our online portal. Threat indicators from the message and any associated payloads are delivered via a machine-readable feed for automated consumption by security technologies.

Find out how vulnerable your employees are to phishing attacks.

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Respond to Attacks with Complete Threat Context

With Phishing Incident Response, messages reported employees are quickly triaged and categorized. Threats are analyzed using a combination of automated technology and human expertise. Threat indicators, such as malicious URLs, IP addresses, sender address, file hashes, etc. are extracted and delivered via email, feed, and our online portal. Advanced and/or targeted threats that pose higher risk can be escalated to the PhishLabs R.A.I.D., where advanced reverse engineering techniques are used alongside our global intelligence to provide a complete picture of the threat.

Alleviate the Burden on Internal Security Staff

No more overflowing abuse boxes or lengthy backlogs of user-reported messages. With Phishing Incident Response, you can ensure all reported messages are consistently addressed without piling more work onto the security team. Our service offloads the burden from analyzing reported messages to providing feedback to end users, allowing your team to focus on other priorities. Additionally, Phishing Incident Response also supports both button and button-free phish reporting methods.

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PhishLabs Managed Enterprise Phishing Protection

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