Money Is the Best Bait for Phishers

From PC Magazine.

We know cybercriminals launch phishing campaigns to steal sensitive data from a variety of users. Not surprisingly, phishers are going after the industries that involve a lot of money. Cybercrime protection company PhishLabs broke down some of the phishing kits used in these dangerous attacks.

According to PhishLab’s blog post, phishing kits mainly target financial institutions and ePayment services. Social networking sites are also popular targets for phishers, as are email services. A few other kits target industries like eCommerce, online gaming, content providers, and chat services.

PhishLabs claimed that there hasn’t been a recent investigation of phishing kit data similar to the one it published. Most phishing analyses focus on the targets of phishing emails, sites, or URLs. Other organizations and companies like Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) and Kaspersky Lab have released reports that provide further insight to phishing attacks.

APWG’s latest report showed that over 50 percent of phishing attacks target Financial and Payment Service companies, which aligns with PhishLab’s own analysis of kits. Kaspersky Lab based their study on the number of times users of their anti-virus products clicked on phishing URLS.