Much Ado About the Ransomware Scourge | Network World Article

[themeone_header type=”h2″ txtalign=”txt-left” subtitle=”” txtcolor=”accent-color1″ decor=”” decorcolor=”” decorheight=”2px”] FTC to Hold Public Workshop on What to do About the Growing Ransomware Blight

The Federal Trade Commission said it will hold a public workshop about all things ransomware on Sept. 7.

“With alarming frequency, ransomware hackers are sneaking into consumer and business computers, encrypting files containing photos, documents and other important data, and then demanding a ransom in exchange for the key needed to decrypt the files. Consumers, businesses, and government agencies are falling prey to these schemes, including hospitals whose servers may contain sensitive patient data. New forms of ransomware encrypt files of website operators, threatening not only their files containing stored data, but the very files needed to operate their websites. Other variants of ransomware are now targeting files on mobile devices,” the FTC wrote.

 The workshop will feature presentations from Cisco Talos, PhishLabs, and Flashpoint. Another panel will examine the best defenses against ransomware, and will include FTC Chief Technologist Lorrie Cranor along with representatives of Cylance, Red Canary, Symantec and Children’s National Medical Center. Another panel will consider how victims should respond to a ransomware hacker’s demands and include representatives from the FBI, Sylint, and PricewaterhouseCoopers and Charles River Associates.

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