Federal Trade Commission Fall Technology Series: Ransomware | September 2016

[themeone_header type=”h2″ txtalign=”txt-left” subtitle=”” txtcolor=”accent-color1″ decor=”” decorcolor=”” decorheight=”2px”] Federal Trade Commission Fall Technology Series: Ransomware
[/themeone_header] FTC Ransomware playThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) responded to the rising ransomware threat on September 7, 2016 with a technology workshop in Washington, D.C. The workshop brought security experts together to address common questions and concerns around the ransomware threat, such as:

  • How do ransomware extortionists gain access to consumer and business computers?
  • What role can consumer and business education play in preventing ransomware infections?
  • Are there steps consumers and businesses should be taking to reduce the risk of ransomware or to decrease its impact?
  • Are there technological measures that computer operating system and web browser designers can take to prevent ransomware?

PhishLabs’ Vice President of Threat Research, Joseph Opacki joined a panel during the workshop to educate the audience on the overall landscape of the ransomware threat and reasons it’s proliferating at such a high pace. “Most ransomware is delivered via a social engineering attack, often using a phishing campaign or some other vehicle that directs users to a malicious website,” said Opacki. “Ransomware delivery through malicious advertisements is not uncommon or new and is popular because it takes advantage of the trust given to secure websites where the ad is delivered.”

View the recorded session here: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/audio-video/video/fall-technology-series-ransomware-part-1