Digital Risk Protection for the Open and Deep Web

Data leakage, brand abuse, fraud, and other threats are increasingly common on the web. Whether inadvertent or malicious, protected data such as source code or account credentials is often found online in places that can be readily accessed. Additionally, cybercriminals routinely abuse brands, logos, and domains in order to exploit the credibility they carry.

Protect against Data Leakage and Brand Abuse

Our platform scours open and deep web sources for indicators of data leakage and brand abuse using proprietary web crawling technology. We uncover a broad range of unauthorized data exposure and brand exploitation incidents that pose risk.

When potential threats are found, our experts analyze the risk and provide full visibility into who, why, how, and when. We can then remove the offending content.

Key Features

Open Web Monitoring
Our Digital Risk Protection platform monitors the open web for data leakage and brand threats, using proprietary crawling technology to find leaked data, brands, logos, marks, products, and other potential threats. We find leaked credentials, source code, intellectual property, brand abuse, traffic redirection scams, counterfeit goods, and other risks.
Expert Validation and Analysis
We filter out the noise of the open web. Our experts review potential risks and identify the real threats, discerning those that are malicious or pose legitimate risk. With years of experience and social media fluency, our experts weed out the junk and focus on threats that matter to your business.
Extensive Takedown Experience
Removing content that contains protected data or infringes on your brand can be a painful, tedious process. PhishLabs has more than 15 years of experience taking down digital risks. We know the right methods to successfully remove content based on the type of risk, and how to protect your reputation online.

Part of Comprehensive Digital Risk Protection

Detect Enterprise, Brand, VIP, and Customer Risks
As the enterprise digital footprint expands beyond your network, brands, employees, and customers are exposed to risks that are outside of your control. We find and analyze these digital risks across social media, domains, mobile, deep, dark, and open web vectors.
Prioritize and Focus on Actual Risks
The digital landscape is noisy. And the last thing you need is another tool drowning you in alerts. That's why our analysts vet and analyze potential risks. We weed out the noise, bring the actual risks to your attention, and take immediate action to protect your enterprise.
Takedown Threats with 100% Confidence
When threats are found, they are taken down quickly and completely. With 15+ years experience taking down online threats, we've built an unparalleled network of trusted relationships that includes automated killswitches and fastlanes.
Make Better-Informed Decisions to Manage Risk
With the intelligence delivered by our experts, you can navigate the digital risk landscape. We see all the trees while not losing sight of the forest. And we give you the big picture insights so that you can make better-informed decisions.

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