Digital Risk Protection for the Dark Web

From buying and selling stolen data to discussing plans for an upcoming attack, threat actors use dark web forums and marketplaces to conduct activities they’d rather keep hidden from normal Internet users. If dark web activity is ignored, breaches and exposures can (and do) happen without targeted organizations even realizing it.

Dark Web Threats

Dark Web Monitoring from PhishLabs provides business data leakage protection by scanning dark web forums for all types of threats. Stolen account data, executive mentions, rogue employees, and ransomware retribution chatter are just a few types of threats we encounter.

Our analysts conduct dark web surveillance, watching anonymized forums and marketplaces for threat intelligence related to your brand that put your employees, executives, or customers at risk.

When we find stolen data or criminal activity associated with your enterprise, we guide you through the best course of action for remediation. PhishLabs' monitoring and analysis of dark web activity delivers the insider knowledge required to protect your most critical data.

Key Features

Dark Marketplace Monitoring
We scour dark web markets for listings that include customer data, protected company data, employee credentials, source code, targeted phishing kits, and malware/exploit kits directed towards your infrastructure.
Cybercrime Forum Surveillance
We monitor dark web forum activity for any discussion of possible future attacks such as threats against companies or individuals, requests to target, hacktivist campaigns, and development of relevant malware.
Threat Actor Intelligence
As we collect dark web intelligence, it is linked with threat actor personas. Our experts track these personas through their dark web activity, providing high value intelligence that can be used to defend against future attacks.

Part of Comprehensive Digital Risk Protection

Detect Enterprise, Brand, VIP, and Customer Risks
As the enterprise digital footprint expands beyond your network, brands, employees, and customers are exposed to risks that are outside of your control. We find and analyze these digital risks across social media, domains, mobile, deep, dark, and surface web vectors.
Prioritize and Focus on Actual Risks
The digital landscape is noisy. And the last thing you need is another tool drowning you in alerts. That's why our analysts vet and analyze potential risks. We weed out the noise, bring the actual risks to your attention, and take immediate action to protect your enterprise.
Takedown Threats with 100% Confidence
When threats are found, they are taken down quickly and completely. With 15+ years experience taking down online threats, we've built an unparalleled network of trusted relationships that includes automated killswitches and fastlanes.
Make Better-Informed Decisions to Manage Risk
With the intelligence delivered by our experts, you can navigate the digital risk landscape. We see all the trees while not losing sight of the forest. And we give you the big picture insights so that you can make better-informed decisions.

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