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Dark Web Monitoring

Expert Dark Web Analyst Detection and Analysis of Underground Threats

Beyond the traditional security perimeter, beyond the public internet, there are criminals, and threat actors congregating on the dark web. These malicious individuals and organizations are plotting against trusted companies, financial institutions, or governments, along with their executives, technologies, products and services.

Dark Web Monitoring

Finding The Real Threats

PhishLabs offers extended cyber monitoring across the dark web, searching anonymized forums, and marketplaces for attacks, threats, and incidents that┬áput a company’s brand, employees, executives or customers at risk.

PhishLabs’ Dark Web Monitoring offers:

  • Detection of phishing kits
  • Botnet depository identification
  • Actionable attack intelligence
  • Identification of compromised employee accounts and company servers
  • Consumer data / stolen financial data (credit and debit cards,┬ádatabases, healthcare records, and other)
  • Personal identifiable information (PII)

Learn more about Dark Web Monitoring within our service brief.

Protecting Your Company

PhishLabs analysts and researchers apply field-tested methodologies and best practices for the most accurate and actionable intelligence.

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PhishLabs Research Analysis Intelligence

Dark Web Monitoring Includes:

Threat Monitoring

Monitor dark web forum activity for hactivist/activist activities which suggest or discuss possible future attacks. Kits and exploits sold to penetrate your network infrastructure.

Threat Actor Investigations

Investigate specific online personas to discover and correlate online incidents.

Market Sweeps

Patrol dark web marketplaces, discover transaction offers, and postings. Postings may include references to stolen or counterfeit goods, or technology toolkits which might be used to target our clients.

PhishLabs is the Leading Provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Solutions.

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