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CISO’s Guide to Spear Phishing Defense | Podcast

By admin 3 years ago
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Joe Podcast with Bank 5

From Bank Info Security 

Joseph Opacki, PhishLabs VP of Threat Research speaks on How to Respond to Relentless Attacks

Everyone’s talking about business email compromise, but what they aren’t talking enough about is what’s at the root of these attacks – spear phishing. Joseph Opacki of PhishLabs discusses how security leaders must respond to the threat.

“Most organizations have email security and spam filtering tools, but attackers have gotten good at slipping their emails past these technologies,” says Opacki, VP of Threat Research at PhishLabs. “Once it reaches the victim’s inbox, it’s up to the user to recognize it as a scam and report it to the right people internally.”

And that is where traditional defenses often fall apart. Which is why a new approach to spear phishing defense is necessary.

In an interview about how to respond to spear phishing attacks, Opacki discusses:

  • Why these attacks remain so successful;
  • Essential tools for spear phishing defense;
  • Elements of a defensive framework.

Listen to the interview here