What are you fighting for? A more challenging career? A better work/life balance?

Fight for a cause
We aren't just here for the paycheck. We're on a mission to stop the bad guys. Every day, we protect the employees and customers of enterprise businesses from online threats. We positively impact the lives of MILLIONS and make the online world that we all share safer. (the paycheck IS pretty good though)
Make a big impact
Have a great idea? We want to hear it! Know a better way to do something? Let's do it! We put progress over egos, and believe that seniority or role shouldn't get in the way of our success. We thrive on the smarts of our whole team, so come be a part and see how you can make a big impact.
Live a balanced life
Why is work/life balance so important? Because we do challenging work and want everyone to bring their best. We offer generous PTO to make that possible. No one should spend all their time at work. Especially when your HQ is in Charleston, SC (yes, the one with the amazing beaches and food scene).

The Values We Share

Focus on teamwork which quickly responds to new information and ideas. Reassess priorities and adjust course as appropriate.
Acknowledge and accept responsibility for your actions and the results of your work. Contribute with a sense of urgency and take initiative to identify and implement solutions.
Focus on the interests of our clients. Put them at the heart of business decisions. Consider their experience and exceed their expectations.
Seek ways to improve the way we work. Challenge the status quo and raise awareness of new business opportunities.
Hold yourself and your peers to a high-security standard. Build additional protection into processes and systems from the start. Promptly raise awareness of any potential security issues.
Be self-aware and seek constructive feedback. Push through challenges and learn from mistakes. Always positively impact those around you.
Unwavering honesty and commitment to your word and obligations. Do what you say, say what you do.
Proactively share ideas and opinions with complete transparency.

Best Place to Work

PhishLabs has been named one of the top places to work six years in a row.
Best Places to Work 2016-2021

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