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Email Incident Response AnnouncementToday we are excited to announce the general availability of our enhanced Email Incident Response service. Email Incident Response detects, prevents, and automatically responds to threats that bypass email security technology.

“For more than a decade, PhishLabs has been protecting leading enterprises against a broad range of phishing attacks that exploit their brands and customers,” said Tony Prince, PhishLabs CEO. “With our new Threat Intelligence and SOAR capabilities, we’re able to proactively protect against threats that get past email security technology and exploit employees.”

The solution builds upon what was formerly labeled Phishing Incident Response. Now, with Email Threat Intelligence, enterprise organizations will gain proactive protection. Even if an internal user does not report a threat, indicators that are collected across all of our clients will flag ones that land in your user inboxes. SOAR will then automatically pull those threats out of a user’s inbox. Each of these features are backed by our existing Suspicious Email Analysis infrastructure that provides near real-time analysis of user reported threats through a combination of technology and anti-phishing experts.

“We analyze millions of user-reported messages every day, which puts us in a unique position to see the threats that get through to enterprise employees,” said John LaCour, PhishLabs Founder and CTO. “Email Threat Intelligence and SOAR make the most of that visibility to stop these threats.”

At the root of all phishing attacks is malicious social engineering. These psychological attacks manipulate their victims and are often confused with technological risks such as malware. Because of this, malicious emails continue to bypass email security technology and landing in user inboxes. Email Incident Response will solve this problem.

The enhanced solution will offer the following features:

  • Suspicious Email Analysis: Provides 24/7 monitoring and expert analysis of emails reported by employees.
  • Email Threat Intelligence: Delivers threat indicators via API that are sourced from malicious emails observed in user inboxes across our client base.
  • SOAR: Provides automatic detection and removal of malicious emails, including those that have not been reported by employees.

Learn more about Email Incident Response or speak with a member of our team.