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By The PhishLabs Team | January 7, 2020

BEC White Paper (1)

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks have plagued organizations all over the world for almost a decade. In fact, the phishing threat has become so pervasive and effective for threat actors that the reported losses to date have already hit more than $26 billion. 

This does not even include the thousands of unreported BEC attacks that net gift cards and other small denominations. It’s for these reasons that BEC attacks are the most costly form of phishing.

But how do they differ from your typical phish with bad grammar or even those with malicious attachments? These attacks are typically highly targeted, pretend to be an executive or established vendor, and of course abuse social engineering.

Download our white paper to learn about:

  • What BEC attacks are, and how they work
  • Why BEC attacks are so effective
  • What objectives threat actors can achieve using BEC
  • How to protect your organization against BEC attacks
  • How BEC attacks consistently evade email security technologies
  • Which red flags users can look out for to spot a potential BEC attack

Access the white paper on the landing page.