Cybercrime Protection and Intelligence Services

Cybercriminals profit at the expense of businesses, costing companies billions of dollars every year due to fraud, lost productivity and brand damage. When attacked, businesses react only to the immediate threat they see. At best, this approach stops the current attack. But long-term, this approach is ineffective.

To protect against cybercrime and prevent attacks, businesses must go beyond stopping the current event. The cybercriminals' risk/reward calculation must be changed so that targeting your business is no longer profitable.

Stop phishing attacks, banking Trojans and other cybercrime threats.

PhishLabs takes a different approach. We fight back against the cybercriminals that target our clients and their customers. We rapidly shut down the immediate threat, but we do not stop there. We know that alone will not deter attackers. 

PhishLabs prevents cybercrime by increasing the cost of targeting you and your customers. Beneath the surface of an attack, cybercriminals rely on an ecosystem of compromised infrastructure, tools and illicit services to carry out their campaigns. 

PhishLabs detects, analyzes and proactively dismantles this ecosystem, shutting down and disrupting the components that are not easily replaced. This inflicts real losses on cybercriminals. Those seeking profits move on to softer targets.

PhishLabs services are provided at a fixed-price. Unlike other vendors that charge per incident fees, with PhishLabs your costs are flat with no unexpected expenses. This ensures our incentives are aligned with yours. The more we prevent attacks targeting your business and customers, the better for us and the better for you.

Phishing Protection

24/7 protection against phishing attacks targeting you and your customers.

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Crimeware Protection

Focused protection against cybercrime malware used to carry out online fraud.

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Rogue Mobile App Protection

Around-the-clock protection against mobile applications that abuse your brand.

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Brand Abuse Lure Protection

24/7 protection against phishing attacks targeting you and your customers.

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DDoS Intelligence

Real-time intelligence on distributed denial-of-service botnets and attacks.

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Threat Intelligence Data

Real-time feeds of phishing, malware, DDoS and other threat intelligence data.

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